Getting Nautical: Wedding Invitations for Your Wedding At Sea

It’s unconventional, but hey, so are you! If you’re finally seeing your dream of a cruise wedding come true, make sure you don’t forget to keep your wedding invitations in theme.

Get the message out from the beginning with Waves Save the Date cards. A cute precursor to your wedding invitations, these will also serve a very important function letting your guests know as early as possible the circumstances of the wedding. Attending a cruise wedding takes significantly more time to plan out, so be sure they have plenty of time to get vacation days ready and get the cruise deposit in early, if you’re not personally covering each spot. At the very least, they’ll need to get travel plans in motion, assuming you’re not near the coast already.

Bring some theme-appropriate sweetness by sending out Seahorse Wedding Invitations. Crowned with an adorable pair of seahorses and strewn with seashells, these invites will get your guests ready for an oceanic good time! While you probably won’t be getting up close and personal with the local aquatic wildlife, you’ll be having enough fun to make up for it on the ship, we’ll bet.

While you may not be able to bring everyone on your cruise wedding with you, you can certainly hold a large reception after and invite everyone who couldn’t make it to celebrate. Extend the nautical theme of your wedding invitations with Seashell Love invitations. Great for a reception or even just a post-wedding party, these invitations are a cute reminder of your wedding at sea.