Style Guide for the Groom: How to Look Your Best

Quite a bit of emphasis is placed on what the bride will wear when it comes to planning a wedding. What the groom will wear on the wedding day is just as important and needs to be given the same thought. The groom may not need to worry about bustles, train lengths and reception dresses, but he will want to look and feel his best. A little bit of tuxedo knowledge and a little bit of planning can go a long way. Here is a simple guide to get the groom and his groomsmen on the right track to looking their best for the wedding. Nothing can be a substitute for information and a little planning.  The bride will appreciate that the groom isn’t just relying on her for his information.

Plan Ahead


The bride usually has visions of trains and necklines and matching jewelry long before the wedding invitations are even addressed. A little pre-planning can go a long way for the guys as well. Planning attire for the groom and his groomsmen may seem as simple as making an order and then picking up the tuxedos but there are other choices to be made.  First, the decision must be made whether to rent or buy.  Usually a tuxedo must be worn two to three times to justify the cost of buying it over the cost of renting.  However, good bargains can make buying the better deal.  Also if something quirky or unusual is desired, purchase may be the only option. Some grooms may choose suits or khakis with matching blazers over tuxedos.  Once the choices are made steps need to be taken to make it happen.

A basic time line should go like this:

Three Months Before the WeddingFinalize attire choices. Go shopping with the groomsmen to make sure the options chosen can be done for all groomsmen. Reserve rentals or make deposits for purchases.

One Month Before the WeddingIf tuxedos, suits or other attire is being purchased, final fittings and payments should be made.  If renting, make sure all the groomsmen have been fitted and have reserved their tuxes. This will give plenty of time for changes to orders and alterations if necessary. Make sure all accessories have been ordered and will arrive in time for the wedding especially any personalized wedding gifts that will be worn on the day of the wedding.

One Week Before the WeddingRemind all the groomsmen to get final haircuts and any other grooming such as facials and manicures (yes for the guys! Their hands will be in the wedding photographs as well.) A guy manicure doesn’t need to involve polish.  A simple trimming and buffing can present a clean look and is very healthy for the nails. Purchase new undergarments. Brand new super comfortable underwear and t-shirts will help the groom feel his best on the wedding day. After all, the bride most likely is wearing mostly new items from head to toe.

One to Two Days Before the Wedding Pick up the tuxes and try them on so any last minute alterations can be made to the tuxedos. Make sure the groomsmen, fathers, ring bearers and everyone else pick up their tuxedo as well. Do a head to toe check.  Get fully dressed including accessories like cufflinks, cummerbunds and a tie.  Have someone do a visual check and then pack all of the items together so they are all taken on the day of the wedding ceremony. Grooming products should also be packed if the groom or his groomsmen will be preparing somewhere other than home. Some suggestions are hair products, deodorant, extra buttons, undergarments, pain medication, a small sewing kit and a lint roller.

The Day of the Wedding Take a hot shower and get a close shave or trim facial hair neatly. Remember to bring the rings and marriage license.  Don’t be afraid to make a wedding day checklist of things to bring and to remember. Have someone do a spot check when everyone is dressed. Check that boutonnieres and pocket squares are straight. Don’t forget deodorant as weddings tend to be stressful and have many factors that cause sweating such as bright lights and requiring more clothing then most people are used to wearing.

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