Great Big Ideas for Little Touches – Reception Items

Toasting Flutes – What is a wedding reception without the champagne toast?  Even if there is no alcohol at the reception it is traditional for the bride and groom to have a toast offered for them by the best man or whomever is chosen.  Toasting flutes can be personalized and chosen to fit the couple perfectly and make a beautiful keepsake to be used on anniversaries by the happy couple.

Garter Set/Throwaway Bouquet – If there will be a garter and bouquet toss you will need the supplies.  Garters are available in many styles and colors.  Some couples order two, one to keep as a keepsake and one to toss. A throwaway bouquet can be purchased at any craft store or from a florist.  These allow the bride to keep her bouquet if she wishes to preserve it.

Card Box – Many guests will bring a card for the happy couple and it can be hard to keep track of them all.  Finding some stylish way to keep the cards all in one place is a must have for any reception. Some can even be used as a pretty holder for mail afterward.

Cake Knife Set – A beautiful wedding cake won’t look so nice being cut with a plastic knife or a butter knife and it may be hard to serve with a fork!  A serving set is a pretty item that can be personalized as a keepsake and passed down to children.  Try having just the wedding date etched onto the set and having any subsequent couples who use it add their wedding date as well.

Dancing Shoes – Dress shoes are not comfortable to be in all evening.  Many women know to bring more comfortable flats or slippers to wear as the night progresses.  Many couples now provide a basket of flip flops for guests to use as the dancing gets started.

Cake Topper – Some bakeries may include a cake topper with your cake but not many will unless asked to do so.  You can also find a more personalized cake topper.  Be sure to have something to hold the cake topper for transport home after the wedding to keep it safe like a box or cake topper dome.

Entertainment For Any Children – It can be as simple as coloring books and crayons placed at a kids table but the youngest guests will need something to keep them busy.  If there will only be a few children, consider making them each their own activity kit or tote bag of toys/games.  Just be sure to have a few extra items on hand for any unexpected children at the wedding.

Guest Book – A new trend is having guests sign a photo frame that will later have a wedding photo of the couple placed inside for display. Engravable photo frames are also available. Traditional wedding book and pen sets are still very popular.  Sometimes wedding guest books are sold as part of sets that include other items to help match all the ways you save your wedding day memories.  No matter what wedding guest book you choose, be sure to have a pen or two on hand.  Some couples order one keepsake guest book pen and then provide a personalized ballpoint pens for guests to keep as keepsakes of their own.

The best thing to do is make a list of all the little things to be included in the ceremony and used at the reception and purchase them early.  Keep them all in one place and have a list ready of what needs to go where on the day of the wedding.

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