Fabuluster: A Lasting Impression

During one of many Etsy daydreaming sessions, I came across Fabuluster‘s gorgeous fingerprint jewelry.  I was not in the market for wedding bands, however, they were so lovely I tucked the thought of them away for a rainy day.  Today it rained.

After a little research, I have become an even bigger fan.  Behind Fabuluster is the dynamic duo of Brent and Jess Williams; they craft each custom piece in their Topsham, Maine studio using the ancient process of lost wax casting.  The pair bring 15 years worth of experience to their work benches, producing remarkable modern works of art imprinted with client’s very own fingerprints.  They work with an array of metals, using recycled and American manufactured materials.  Not only will you love this unique jewelry, but you can feel all warm and fuzzy about where it came from.

Today I caught up with Brent and Jess; despite their busy schedules, they seemed pleasantly humbled and delighted to chat.  I asked, “When did you make your very first fingerprint ring and how did it turn out?”

The idea of the ring was born in Brent’s head when he was working for a local jeweler.  He was making custom bands for people all the time, but they just weren’t that special.  There was nothing all that personal.  He thought, “What if I put a fingerprint on the inside?!”  He started by making pendants and perfecting a way to capture a print.  We worked with a local gallery thinking that would be the way to go.  Then Brent came up with his patented process that enables us to make them for couples worldwide!  We started selling on Etsy and our website, Brent & Jess.

 The Williams’ fingerprint wedding rings are certainly one of a kind, but if you already have a band you love (or you’re not ready for one just yet!), they have other stunning pieces to choose from as well!

FUN FACT:  Brent has worked closely with Tim McCreight and has been published in several of his books!  This is especially neat to me because I have enjoyed working with metal for several years and have often referenced Tim’s book, Complete Metalsmith (it has a prime spot on my bookshelf at home).

When Brent and Jess aren’t wielding their torches, they can be found hanging out with their three little ones (ages 8 months, 3, and 5).

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