Choosing Color for Wedding Invitation Part 1

Wedding invitations are available in many styles and color options. Colors are an important aspect to consider when making your wedding invitation decision. Designing your own wedding invitation or choosing one of the stock invitation choices, color is important. Some brides choose simply white invitations, others use the colors of their wedding and some just pick colors they enjoy. There is nothing wrong with any of these choices; however, you do not want to make a color decision that you later regret. The following tips can help you decide which colors work best for your wedding invitations.

First, consider a monochromatic color scheme; the most popular choice is a solid white invitation. White is synonymous with a wedding, and you may want to consider a layered look by using different shades of white. Different shades of white can consist of different textures or different types of paper (like cardstock, velum, lace, etc). Use a black or gray font in an elegant script and you can have a classy wedding invitation designed in just a few minutes.

Another option to consider is utilizing multiple shades of your color choice. If you decide on choosing blue as the color of your wedding, a light blue paper with a dark blue design and medium-blue lace elements are an excellent choice. A white font should look great along with the dark blue background.

If monochromatic schemes are not up your alley, think about the colors you do like.  Again, many brides like to use the colors that are chosen as the wedding’s theme. These colors can be quite beautiful when paired with a neutral color. Neutral colors include black, white, and brown, and in some cases, gray and navy can serve as neutrals. Keep in mind that gold and silver, although not technically considered neutrals, also look great with almost any color scheme. Therefore, you might want to consider metallic touches.

Choosing colors for your wedding invitations is not an easy task, so do not be afraid to ask for help. You may want to consult the designer of the card for help deciding what the best choice may be for your wedding. Talk about the colors you are using in your wedding theme, the specific “feel” you want for the card (i.e. classic, modern, fun, bright, subdued, etc.) and see what your designer recommends.

Keep in mind that some colors may appear differently when viewed in different amounts of light. Different is the key word here! If you order wedding invitations after viewing pictures of them, you might not be viewing the real colors, because the photographs might have been taking under strange lighting or the background may have been set up in a way that does not show the true colors of the invitation. Be sure to always ask for samples, and this can help you find the correct color without worrying about it appearing as something different.

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