Opening the Gifts

Many couples make the choice to refrain from opening any wedding gifts at the reception.  Today, more and more newlyweds are opting to extend the wedding weekend an additional day.  Consider hosting a Sunday brunch for out of town guests, relatives and your wedding party, where you will open your gifts.

Arrange for someone to transport the gifts from the reception site to the place where you will be hosting the brunch.  Most restaurants have banquet or party rooms available for reserving ahead of time at no additional cost.  Try to find a restaurant that offers a breakfast buffet.  This will assure that everyone will be able to select the foods they like and the cost will be less expensive for you.

If your home is large enough to accommodate this gathering, have it there.  This will also give everyone the opportunity to see your new home.  This also saves you from having to transport the gifts again.  If you in an apartment complex that has a community center, make arrangements to use that space.  Wherever you decide to host this Sunday brunch, it is a wonderful way for everyone to see your gifts and to say good-bye before you leave for your honeymoon.

Be sure to ask a trusted friend or relative to record each gift that is opened and who it is from.  Arrange for a table to be close by so the gifts can be displayed.  Your thank you cards should be sent out as soon as possible.  Most wedding experts say that up to one year is acceptable, but is pushing it.

Although this gathering will be an added expense, your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness.  Be prepared to receive some thank you notes yourself.

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