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Wedding Invitations: Inspiration

The primary purpose of your wedding invitations is to get your guests to your event on time…but their importance does not stop there. Your wedding invitations will also likely be the only hint your guests get as to what they should bring, what they should wear, and what they can expect! It's important to remember that when you choose your wedding invitations, you are choosing to send a message about the theme and level of formality of your special day. We want to help you send the right message. Here are a few ideas to spur your imagination and get your search started!

Will your wedding be:


Do you want to incorporate a particular theme? Here are some popular ideas:


Are you looking for the ultimate in personalization?

Photo Wedding Invitations allow you to send a truly custom message. These special invitations make wonderful keepsakes as well! Check out our Tips for taking a great photo for your wedding invitation.

Are you craving color? Or are you drawn to classic white invitations?

Explore all the options available to you, whatever your style!