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The BOLD Wedding Invitation

No one could ever mistake YOU for a wallflower. You are confident, assured, and not necessarily afraid to break the rules. Your wedding invitation should match your fearless attitude. Here are a few examples of the types of bold, creative wedding invitations available to you if you are truly looking to make a bold statement about your personal style:

Elegance Wedding Invitations

A La Mode Wedding Invitations

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Bold Brides all over the country are breaking tradition and implementing some of the following fearless concepts into their wedding invitations:

Use your favorite color plus your groom’s favorite color….even if you normally wouldn’t pair the two shades! Your invitations will be as unique as the two of you!

Choose a unique wedding invitation shape to stand out from the crowd of squares and other four-sided shapes.

Enclose your invitations in bold, bright, even shimmery envelopes to catch the eye of each guest as they open their mailboxes.

Consider the unconventional choice of larger than usual type (we mean BIG), or a totally bold color for the invitation wording (we mean BRIGHT).