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Vintage Wedding Invitations

Are you are drawn to an opulent gatsby-style wedding or the funky feel of a rockabilly wedding theme? Our vintage collection offers perfect wedding stationery for stylish outdoor soirees or affairs in swanky halls. Vintage wedding invitations come in a range of color palettes referencing the days of yore. Vintage themes are versatile, so no matter the style you are looking for, we have invitations and wedding stationery well-suited to the occasion.

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1 Item(s)

If you are planning a wedding theme from the Golden Era, opt for stationery designs featuring black or gold floral scrolls and ribbon adornments. The more lavish the invitation border, the more elegant it will look. As the belle of the ball, the bride deserves perfection, which is why we provide an exciting range of designs and fonts to help you find the perfect vintage invitation.

For a softer effect, browse through our enticing array of floral patterns with romantic printed accents. You can bring your wedding theme full-circle with an invitation that features the same flowers from your bridal bouquet.