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Floral Wedding Invitations

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8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Sending floral patterned wedding invitations is an elegant way to incorporate nature’s natural everyday beauty into the décor of your big day. Our selection of floral print designs boasts a variety of colors and styles to make finding the perfect invitation a pleasure.

Romantic, red roses provide a perfect print to announce your love for your soon-to-be spouse, while bold, yellow sunflowers will sweetly accent any fall wedding. If you’ve set your date in a sunny spring month, perhaps a card featuring brightly colored blossoms is perfect for the occasion. You can also opt for a monochromatic floral print in a soft shade, which will provide a simple look to match your chosen wedding décor.

If you love brave, beautiful colors, a bouquet of wildflowers may be just the design that reflects your wedding theme. For a subtler option, a black and white floral print offers a classic, tasteful touch to any wedding invitation.

Floral prints will gracefully complement any color theme or font style you choose. They also pair well with different card shapes and sizes, giving you many options for a customized design. For a unique appearance, you can consider one of our many cards featuring a textured petal design. Floral designs tied with a bow offer a distinct, eye-catching look. Lilies accented with a lace border will add a vintage appeal to the wedding invitations.

No matter the direction you choose, a floral print is a timeless design option for your wedding announcements. We understand choosing your invitation is an important part of your wedding planning, which is why we offer over 100 unique floral designs to help you find the perfect announcement for your ceremony.