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Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

The information that should be included on your wedding invitation is: who, where, and when (day and time). How you say it is all up to you! There are some conventional ways to word invitations that will appeal to brides and grooms who cherish tradition. If you are having neither a traditional nor formal wedding, you are by no means required to use traditional invitation wording. No matter your personal style or the style of your event, you may want to take this opportunity to use your imagination and creativity!

In addition to the design and style of your invitations, customizing the wording allows you a unique opportunity to express your style and creativity while giving your guests a hint as to what your wedding will be like.

Click here for traditional wedding invitation wording.

Some other invitation wording ideas you might want to try:

For a romantic wedding, use a line of poetry, verse, or lyric from a favorite song.

For a destination wedding, include words or common phrases in another language.

For a religious wedding, include verses that are meaningful to you.

Include quotes or stories that explain who you are as a couple.

Mention the season in which your wedding will take place.