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Wedding Invitation Ordering Checklist

Before you place the order for your perfect wedding invitations, we suggest you take the time to fill out the following checklist. These questions will guide you in the planning and ordering processes, and can potentially help you choose the wedding invitations that are a perfect fit for you and for your budget. By having your answers to the following questions on hand, you can be confident you are making a well-informed and well-thought-out decision.

  • 1. Which type of invitation do you want? SEARCH
  • 2. Which enclosures do you need? LEARN MORE
  • 3. What do you want your invitations to say? LEARN MORE
  • 4. Which typestyle would you like to use? LEARN MORE
  • 5. Which ink color would you like to use? LEARN MORE
  • 6. Do you want to personalize with any additional designs? LEARN MORE
  • 7. Do you want to embellish with bows or ribbons? LEARN MORE
  • 8. How many wedding invitations do you need? LEARN MORE
  • 9. Will you be ordering Save the Dates? LEARN MORE
  • 10. Will you be ordering Thank You Cards? LEARN MORE
  • 11. What is your budget? LEARN MORE