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The Traditional Wedding Invitation

You have a distinctly classic style, and plan to incorporate the time-tested elements of tradition into your special day. Your wedding invitation should echo your sentimental sentiments. There are endless opportunities to incorporate long-established customs and traditions into your ceremony…and a classic wedding invitation is an easy place to start. Explore these timeless selections:

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Timeless Style Wedding Invitations

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Ultimate Elegance Wedding Invitations

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Our definition of tradition (Your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother likely followed some of the following wedding invitation norms):

The most traditional (and still very popular today) wedding invitation is engraved on heavy white or ecru cardstock. A tissue layover is generally placed on top of the invitation before it’s placed in the envelope. An inner envelope is set inside an outer envelope.

A traditional wedding invitation will include the following in each mailing:

  • Outer envelope
  • Inner envelope
  • Wedding invitation
  • Response card
  • Reception card

The combination above is the most traditional and basic version of the wedding invitation. You should feel free to include as many additional touches and embellishments as you wish.