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FAQ's: Thank You Notes Etiquette

Do I have to send a Thank You note for everything?
It's a great goal to send a Thank you note not only for every gift you receive, but also for all the support, advice, and other non-material gifts that you receive. Of course you will be very busy over the next few moths. Try to reserve one night a week for writing thank you notes. You will be sending them far in advance and long after the actual date of your wedding.

How soon do I need to send thank you notes?
There are no absolute rules on this. The best rule of thumb is "as soon as possible!" No one will ever be offended by receiving a Thank You sooner than expected, and the less you have to think about your long list of Thank Yous' on your honeymoon the better! A great piece of advice is to write the note right after opening the gift…while you are still excited and before it has a chance to fall of your list of To Dos.

How detailed do my Thank You notes need to be?
Thank You notes don't need to be long or overly detailed, but the more personal they are the better. They can be either casual or formal, depending on your relationship with the recipient. By listing the name of the gift and explaining how you will or have put it to use, you make the gift giver feel that his or her gift was truly meaningful to you.

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