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Best Ways to Say “Thanks” to your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will be a sense of comfort, excitement, and help as your wedding day approaches. Be sure to thank you for all that they have done (or will be doing). Gifts that are both useful and memorable get extra points for their sentimental value!

Traditional (and timeless) bridesmaids gifts include:

Jewelry (earrings or a necklace to be worn at the ceremony)
Jewelry boxes (engraved with her initials)
Picture frames or photo boxes (with a wedding day photo)
Key rings (with her initials)
Flasks (engraved with the wedding date)
Stationery (personalized for each gal)

A trend that’s really high in demand these days for all types of gifts, bridesmaid gifts included, is personalization. Monogrammed robes in colors that coordinate with your wedding theme will make your brides feel special (and cozy) as they lounge around and help you primp before your big day. Throw in a pair of comfy slippers or casual flip-flops, and they’ll thank you for every minute they can avoid getting into those heels!

For the ultimate in personalization, order monogrammed tote bags or beach bags and fill them with trinkets and treasures you’ve picked specifically for each of your bridesmaids.

Don’t forget to say “Thanks” along the way! A great way to show appreciation for all the support, guidance, gifts, and parties and showers thrown in your honor is to send simple Thank You notes. Load up on fun, personalized sets of stationery and you’ll be ready to show your appreciation for all acts of kindness, big, small, and everything in between!

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