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Ten Tips for a Flawless Wedding Thank You Note

Let’s start with the Do’s:

1. Get personal. Address the person by name and reference the specific gift he or she (or they) have given you.
2. Do be genuine. Don’t tell Aunt Sally that the glassware she gave you is so beautiful that it’s the first and last thing you look at everyday…unless, of course, that’s true!
3. Do be as prompt as possible. Ideally, you will send the thank you note the same day you received the gift.
4. Do mention how you will use the gift or cash gift in your new life together.
5. Do mention how much you appreciated their attendance at your wedding (or how much they were missed if they couldn’t attend).

Now on to the Don’ts:

6. Don’t use email.
7. Don’t mention how much the item costs or how much cash was included in the envelope.
8. Don’t prioritize thank yous for expensive gifts or for immediate friends and family. All gifts should be acknowledged with equal courtesy and enthusiasm.
9. Don’t send a generic thank you letter to everyone on your list. See Tip #1.
10. Don’t delay!

Click here for a sample thank you note you can use as a template for your own wedding thank yous.