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Special Circumstance > The Guest List Battle

Q. Making our final guest list has become a battlefield. My parents, my fiancés parents, and even extended family members all think they get a say. WHERE do we draw the line?

A. This is a situation that requires you to take action…yesterday. You need to get in control of the situation so your wedding doesn’t become a budget-blower or, more importantly, doesn’t become something you don’t want it to be. Of course you will want to use as much patience as possible so as not to hurt the feelings (or egos) of those closest to you. Here are some tips:

(1) Decide who should have a say. Only you and your fiancé can truly make this decision. And, you may decide that it’s simply up to the two of you!
(2) Ask for a “wish guest list” from everyone who you’ve decided should have a say (your particular family situation will dictate just who that is).
(3) Request that the “wish lists” are made out in order of importance.
(4) From there, you and your fiancé will simply create a final list based on your budget and your wishes.
(5) Remember that while this seems like a very intense, very sticky situation, it will all soon blow over. Your goal is to look back and remember that fun you had planning your wedding, not the logistical nightmare that it became. Remind your families of this fact and they will (hopefully) get the hint.