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Q. We are on a very tight wedding budget and timeline. Is it OK to use email for wedding-related correspondence?

A. Yes and NO. There’s no doubt that email is a definite part of our lives, and it is becoming increasingly acceptable as a means of communication for all types of situations. You will want to be very careful here, however, since more traditional members of your family, friends, and wedding party may be easily offended by the casual, slightly impersonal nature of email correspondence. Here are some suggested guidelines:

RULE: Email is best reserved for more casual correspondence

One idea that guests will LOVE is to give them the option of RSVPing via email. Simply add a message at the bottom of your invites saying “Please let us know if you can make it: Your guests will likely get back to you more quickly, and you’ll be able to reference your RSVP’s quickly!

Travel and lodging info, if you choose not to include it in your invitation, is quite easily sent via group email. It’s very appropriate (and actually a really sweet touch) to create a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of places to stay, travel deals, and upcoming attractions to be sent to everyone on your guest list to help them make their plans and to build the excitement for the big day!

You will need to keep your entire wedding party up-to-date on all the important activities (and changes) that will surely lead up to the actual wedding day. Email bridesmaids info on dresses, shoes, hair appointments, and other commitments is totally fine. Organizing a golf outing for the groomsmen via email works, too! Just be sure not to invite them to anything meaningful over the web, or email any thank yous which should be hand-written (see below).

RULE: Anything that might, for any reason, be considered a keepsake, memento, or otherwise meaningful item to receive by any recipient. Just a few mailing traditions from which you don’t want to stray:

Save the Dates
Wedding invitations
Wedding shower invitations
Formal engagement party invitations
Thank you notes