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Piece of Cake

These tiny, time-honored cake boxes are timeless trinkets have traditionally held a piece of grooms cake, which guests would take with them as they left the reception. The groom’s cake has become less popular with modern brides, and its history is not definitive. Most historians agree that the groom’s cake is an American tradition, probably originating in the early 1900’s. These cakes are smaller, richer, and more alcoholic in order to stand in contrast with the lighter, sweeter confection we all know as the (bride’s) wedding cake. Chocolate, fruit, and spice cakes are all common types of groom’s cakes.

Many modern brides order the groom’s cake as a surprise. They order the cake to be filled with the groom’s favorite ingredients and present it to him as a surprise at the reception. Because most weddings are very much focused on the bride, it’s a nice way to honor the groom and his interests as well. Speaking of interests, a modern trend is to shape the groom’s cake into models of things that represents the groom’s personality or interests. We’ve seen footballs, guitars, cars, and even armadillos.

The groom’s cake was traditionally cut up and given to guests on their way out as a final “thank you” gift. Cake boxes of all shapes, sizes, and materials were used to wrap a slice of cake and send the guests home with one last treat. Recently, brides have put a modern twist on this classic favor choice by filling the boxes with candy, nuts, and other bite-sized treasures. Monogrammed with your initials and/or wedding date, both classic embossed and designer imprinted cake boxes are a sweet treat your guests will treasure.