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The Modern Wedding Invitation

You want your wedding to be lots of things…”traditional” simply isn’t one of them. Ditch the dread you feel when conforming to convention and follow a more contemporary route. Wedding invitations used to be white or ecru. Period. The only question was whether you’d splurge on the envelope lining or decorative ribbon. How times have changed! Your options today truly are endless. Choose a wedding invitation that is more fashion forward and less “time-honored.” Here are a few examples of the modern, exciting wedding invitations available today:

Damask Edge Wedding Invitations

Primrose Wedding Invitations

A La Mode Wedding Invitations

I Do Wedding Invitations

Modern Blossom Wedding Invitations

Elation Wedding Invitations

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Looking for more ways to “modernize” your wedding invitations?

Consider using non-traditional, casual, or even slang invitation wording (who says you have to follow the norm?

On the actual invitations, print just your names and the date, along with the web address of your wedding website where people can find the details of your day.

Include a modern, artsy black and white photograph of the two of you. If you’re hesitant to smile for the camera, what about a picture of your entwined hands, a scenic shot of the place you were engaged, or your names written in the sand?

Use a unique wedding invitation shape if you think it’s no longer “hip to be square!”