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The Minimalist Wedding Invitation

You understand the beauty of simplicity. You look for clean lines, great quality, and discreet luxury. Your wedding invitations should stay true to your understated style. Here are just a few of your options for creating simple, streamlined wedding invitations:

Simple Beauty Wedding Invitations

Classic Monogram Wedding Invitations

Silver Border Wedding Invitations

Graceful Style Wedding Invitations

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Some concepts for creating fresh, streamlined wedding invitations:

  • Keep wording to a minimum. Stick to your intuition that “less is more.”
  • Keep colors subdued yet striking. One color (or maybe two) is all you’ll need to make a statement that is more discreet than distracting.
  • Look for simple, bold type fonts. Elaborate calligraphy and flowery scripts will distract from the minimalist aesthetic.
  • Consider printing all the content in capital letters. It’s a bold, striking move that comes across as clean and fresh yet interesting.