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It’s a Match!

While wedding favors have traditionally been "treats" of candy or other delicacies, many modern couples are opting for more sensible, usable type gifts. If you can't imagine sending your guests home with (or blowing your wedding budget on) "trinkets" to be tossed aside or even tossed away, consider more everyday items that guests can take home and put to use in their daily lives.

Customized matchboxes in custom colors to match your wedding reception make for a fun and surprisingly classy gift. Personalize these tiny treasures with up to two lines of copy, and you’ll be able to thank your guests for being a part of your special day while ensuring that they'll think of you again in the near future…the next time they reach for a match! An added bonus is that these miniature favors can easily be tossed in a clutch purse or placed in a suit pocket…so your guests don’t have to head home carrying an armful. What's more, they don't take up a lot of table space, ensuring your beautiful, well-laid table looks anything but cluttered.

For extra impact and an extra indulgence for your guests, combine your customized matchbooks with a memory candle.