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Inspirational Ideas for your Wedding Invitations

Inspiration comes from all around us. As you search for the perfect wedding invitation, pay attention to the little things that catch your eye; the flowers in the neighbor’s yard, the lyrics of a new song on the radio, the color of a favorite book or keepsake. These elements can easily be translated into the flowers for your bouquet, the words printed on your wedding invitations, and your signature color. The beauty truly is in the details if the details are true to what you love. Another great way to find ideas is to pay attention to what other people are doing. Steal an idea here and an idea there and you’ll come up with a unique mix all your own.

Of course your wedding invitations should ultimately stay true to who the two of you are as a couple. They should say something about your personalities, relationship, and most importantly, your wedding invitations will set the scene and mood of your special day. Some ladies have been planning the intricate details of their weddings since they were little girls. Those lucky gals probably have a clear vision of how their wedding will come to life; from the location to the theme to the calligraphy on their invitations. Others of us may need a little more inspiration and maybe a little more guidance in the planning department. Here are some popular wedding themes and invitation concepts to help ignite your imagination!

The Beach Wedding Invitation
You’ve got the Surf, the sand, and the sun, and now all you need the wedding invitation to match.

The Romantic Wedding Invitation
You can picture the candles, smell the roses, and taste the strawberries now. Find a wedding invitation that connects with your most romantic wedding ideals.

The Colorful Wedding Invitation
You are making a big commitment to one special person. But you simply cannot commit to just one color…and you shouldn’t have to!

The Modern Wedding Invitation
You want your wedding to be lots of things…”traditional” isn’t one of them.

The BOLD Wedding Invitation
No one could ever mistake YOU for a wallflower. You are confident, assured, and not necessarily afraid to break the rules. Your wedding invitation should match your fearless attitude.

The Traditional Wedding Invitation
You have a classic style, and plan to incorporate the time-tested elements of tradition into your special day. Your wedding invitation should echo your sentimental sentiments.

The Glam Wedding Invitation
You are into all things “fabulous.” Flashy, sexy and all-out glam are what you’re looking for. Dramatic wedding invitations will help ensure a mood that’s anything but dull.

The Elegant Wedding Invitation
If refined elegance is your idea of beauty, the wedding invitation of your dreams is probably far from flashy. Go for understated sophistication with an elegant wedding invitation.

The Minimalist Wedding Invitation
You understand the beauty of simplicity. You look for clean lines, great quality, and discreet luxury. Your wedding invitations should stay true to your understated style.

The Vintage Wedding Invitation
You believe what’s old is new again. You’re drawn to the history and elegance of allusions to times past. Find a wedding invitation that expresses your love of vintage chic.