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Compiling Your Wedding Invitations

There is a traditional way to stuff your wedding invitation envelope. Here's a guide to help you through the process:

  • 1. Place the wedding invitation (traditionally the largest and heaviest piece) at the bottom.

  • 2. Place the additional enclosures (reception cards, maps, accommodation cards) directly on top of the wedding invitation.

  • 3. Tuck the response card under the flap of its pre-addressed envelope, and place it on top of the other enclosures.

  • . Pick up the entire stack and slide it into the inner envelope. The wording on all the enclosures should be facing up and toward the opening of the envelope.

  • 5. Now slide the inner envelope into the outer envelope. The name of the guest(s) should face the back of the outer envelope, so when the outer envelope is opened the name of the guest(s) is the first thing that's seen.