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Bridesmaid “Bests”

We’ve all seen her in the movies, on the TV shows, and in the books. Maybe you’ve even experienced her in real-life; she’s Bridezilla, and you want to avoid becoming her at all costs. Even the most laid-back, organized and realistic brides can get caught up and overwhelmed by all the planning, attention, and celebrating that leads up to the actual wedding event. For years, brides have avoided this phenomenon by relying on their very best friends and confidants for love and support during both the stressful and the happy times. Your bridesmaids will be a major source of comfort, assistance, and JOY over the next months. Here are a few tips for getting through the wedding planning process with your sanity, and your friendships, in tact. With a little luck, this experience will bring you even closer to your girlfriends than ever before.

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