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Best Way to Ask your Bridesmaids to be in your Wedding Party

Standing as a bridesmaid is a complete honor and privilege, but it’s an honor that comes with considerable commitments of time and money (the dress! the shoes! the showers! The bachelorette party!) That being said, you will want to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding in a way that is memorable, fun, and sincere. So, if she’s one of your favorite people, you love her dearly, and you’ve decided that you want her by your side on your big day, here are our recommendations for a memorable “proposal” of your own:

Put it in writing! A thoughtful, personalized letter to each of your bridesmaids will be well received, not to mention fun to write. In the note, you should mention a few of the qualities you admire about her, or reflect upon the friendship you share. When written on fine, heavy stationery and expressed from the heart, the letter will serve as a treasured memento of your relationship for years to come.

Remember that sentimental does not necessarily equal sappy or stuffy. Don’t be afraid to use your sense of humor! We love this lighthearted idea: Find the most hideous bridesmaid dress out there, take a photo of it, and adhere it to your stationery. Mail one of these custom “cards” to each your bridesmaids with this inscription” “I’ve already picked out your dress…so I’m hoping you’ll be my bridesmaid!” You’re sure to get a laugh!

Whether you go the traditional, creative, or humorous route, your bridesmaids will be excited and honored to have received your heart-felt, hand-written request.

Some options for delivery:

Send a bouquet of flowers and attach your note.
Wrap it in a vintage hatbox, cigar case, or any unique parcel.
Invite your maids to brunch or cocktails and hand them the letters in person.
Simply drop it in the mail!