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Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding is the big event of the night, but what would it be without all your valued friends and family? Wedding guests help make the day unforgettable, and you want them to feel loved and appreciated when they leave your big event.

For gifts that are sure to leave your guests impressed, the American Wedding has a deluxe selection of memorable gifts that will complement your wedding theme. You and your fiancé can work together to select the perfect gifts and accessories for all of the important people on your guest list.

We have simple gifts like bookmarks and scrolls, as well as colorful favor boxes you can fill with goodies. Select cake favor boxes so your guests can take home a slice of the wedding cake you worked so hard to pick out. Fill our designer tote boxes with candy, mints, bubbles and personalized matchbooks. Adding a personalized name tag to every gift will help create a keepsake your guests can treasure for years to come.

Use your gifts to decorate the tables at the reception. You can also personally hand deliver them to every one of your valued guests during the party. However you thank them, they will leave feeling happy and appreciated, treasuring that exclusive memento to help them remember your special day.