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Pockets for DIY

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Wedding invitations with pockets takes a sleek, modern approach to traditional stationery. This lovely option lets you organize all of your wedding communication and helps your guests get excited for the big event.

Traditional stationery is incredibly versatile, but a wedding invitation with pockets is something truly special. Presented in an elongated rectangle that unfolds to reveal a detailed snapshot of your wedding day, the pocket design feels much more formal, specialized, and unique. Your guests will feel honored and excited to receive this thoughtful invitation.

One of the best features about the pocket design is that it offers a quick way for guests to RSVP to the ceremony and the rehearsal dinner. That way, you can start making arrangements for the seating chart and menu options.

You can even include driving directions to the ceremony and reception to streamline the communication. Pocket invitations are also the perfect option if you want to include a thank you card to let each guest know that you appreciate them attending the wedding.

A wedding invitation with pockets is an elegant choice for your exciting ceremony. Here at The American Wedding, we consider it our honor to provide you with everything you need to plan the perfect day, from invitations to RSVPs to thank you cards.