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Blooms for DIY

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The bloom style of invitation is for the DIY bride who wants to be hands-on for her wedding day. Are you beading your own dress or refashioning a thrift store number for your big day? Are you arranging your own flowers or baking sweet treats for the reception? Perhaps you are hosting a bohemian or botanical wedding. You may want blooms to reflect your creative spirit and your unique skill to make things special through self-expression.

Blooms is a festive DIY wedding invitation that appears at first glance to be a traditional rectangle and then reveals itself as a flower as your guests unfold the stationery. The envelope opens into a soft, rounded flower shape with your very own, self-made invitation tucked inside.

We keep the center of the bloom blank so you can print your information on our standard-sized sheets at home or hand-write them if you prefer. This gives you complete control over your wedding invitations.

Our center sheets will fit most printers so you can compose the information and then have the excitement of printing it yourself. You can also choose your internal and external stationery colors in any combination, giving you an extra level of personalization as you create the perfect wedding invitations.

If you like, you can add an RSVP postcard so your guests can easily respond, and you can keep planning your seating arrangements and planning the reception menu. For the DIY bride, it all comes together with the help of The American Wedding Blooms stationery.