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Wedding menu cards are an essential component of a reception dinner. They inform your guests about each course, but they also set the expectations for the evening.

Menu cards perform several functions despite their simple appearance. For those guests with allergies, having the ingredients listed will bring them peace of mind. The menu details which options are available to people with any other special dietary needs, as well. If you have a buffet, you can let guests know ahead of time what is on the dinner menu.

Menu cards don’t have to be extravagant. They show care and forethought, as well as a quick way to communicate with your guests and make them feel comfortable for the reception.

Put the finishing touch to each of your tables and tie the whole tablescape together with an elegant menu card. The American Wedding offers a broad selection that allows you to share your reception menu in a style that coordinates with the wedding theme.

A wedding menu card from the American Wedding also adds a nice touch to each guest’s place setting. Consider including a thank you note for guests on the back of the menu card.

Contact the American Wedding today and let us assist you in printing custom wedding menu cards. With more than 100 designs to choose from, your cards will reflect your style and personality to complement your big day!