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The American Wedding has just the right glassware to make your reception a reflection of your special day. Serve any kind of beverage in the perfect glass, personalized with your initials, wedding date, or a short message.

Order an assortment, so every little detail of the big day is just as you imagined. Options include a pilsner glass featuring a lovely, curved shape or a classic beer mug that holds the perfect amount of smooth microbrew. You can personalize this type of glassware with a single initial at no additional cost.

For wine, we offer a red wine glass that honors the carefully selected vintage, letting it breathe at room temperature. Chill our white wine specialty glasses and let the wine choice delight your guests. We will also engrave our Gold Dot Stemless Wine glasses, sold in sets of four, with one initial at no additional cost.

If you have cocktails on the menu, you can take advantage of our rocks glasses that are the perfect weight and size for spirits. Other options include our stemless wine glass, which is excellent for a rowdy set of guests, as it cuts back on spills during service. Finally, our champagne glasses are the perfect size for toasts and sipping throughout the reception. Our customizable glassware is the perfect complement to your big day.