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Magnificent Romance Traditional Wedding Invitations
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Excellent card, and some notes regarding the card.
The card is excellent, but I'm sure you all knew that. Some notes regarding the card.

1) It is "thinish" paper. Folding wedding invitations MUST be a thinner paper than the superthick cardboard paper you'd expect. Its around what the typical birthday card would be, but slightly higher quality.

2) This card requires a bigger font than you would initially think. 12, 14, 16 inch font is really too small of a print for this. Aim higher.

3) The side cards are small, but a required addition, again use a larger font.

4) If this is your first time ever doing this, get the digital printout. Yes its 20 bucks... why its 20 I don't know, but it could potentially save you a good hundred plus from redoing it. (we lucked out, we had to redo it due to small font, but only cost us about 60 dollars as it was a small order.

I would definitely recommend this card because it is unique, classy, and does not cost $2,000 dollars (stopped at a few stationary stores and their prices were completely ridiculous). Our total order and expenditures were about $300 dollars, including the reprint.

There is little reason to spend $1,000+ dollars on invitations as the only people who will really read and take some appreciation is you and your family. These are excellent. Look for a gold color for the font if you want it to pop. Review by Victor / (Posted on 5/26/2014)