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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Time & Shipping

Time & Shipping

Can you ship overseas?

"Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Shipping."

How can I check the status of my order?

"To check the status of your order, please click here."

How long does it take to get an order?

"Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Manufacturing Time and Shipping."

Can I . . . ?

Can I change the paper color, accent color or size of a printed product?

All product options are shown on the product detail and personalization pages. If you think we should offer additional options, we welcome your feedback. Please email your comments to us at

Can I get a different typestyle than what is shown or listed?

Products may be offered in one, or several different, typestyles. All the available typestyles for each product are provided on the personalization pages.

Can I make changes to my order once you have received it?

"Please refer to our Terms and Conditions regarding Changes or Cancellations.."

Can I order a sample before I place my order?

Certainly, you can request a sample for invitations, announcements and select accessory items so that you can see the quality of the paper, accent color or design.

Can I order my items without personalization?

To order products without personalization, simply leave the personalization fields empty.

Can you print invitations for events such as Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, etc.?

Certainly. Any of our invitations can be used for any special occasion.

Can you print my own customized wording or do I have to choose from your list of wordings?

You can always specify your own custom wording. Simply create your own, or edit one of our samples on the personalization pages.

What is the correct way to list a monogram for a husband and wife?

The wife's first initial should appear to the left of the last name initial and the husband's first name initial should appear to the right of the last name initial.

Wording Etiquette

How do I properly indicate ‘afternoon' and 'evening' on the invitations?

Afternoon begins after twelve o’clock and evening begins at six o’clock.

How should a Thank You note be written?

A thank you note should be handwritten and mention the gift that was given by that person. This will let them know your appreciation of their thoughtful gift.

How should the initials in a monogram appear on the informal notes if I am using them after the wedding?

The bride's first name initial appears on the left, married last name initial in the center and maiden last name initial on the right.

How should the initials in a monogram appear on the informal notes if I am using them before the wedding?

The bride's first name initial appears on the left, last name intial in the center and middle name initial on the right.

My wedding is not being held on the hour, how should I indicate the time?

Traditionally, if your wedding is being held on the half hour, you should use ‘half after’ and not ‘half past’.

Should punctuation be used in the invitation wording?

Punctuation should only be used on abbreviations (such as Mr. or Mrs.), times and date or if you are directly quoting a verse or poem.

Where can I find additional verse and wording options for my invitations and accessory cards?

Our personalization pages include a useful help function where you can obtain many wording samples.

General Etiquette

Do I need to put a stamp on the respond envelope?

Certainly, you should provide the stamp for the convenience of your guests.

Do I need to send Thank You notes for shower and engagement gifts?

If a person gives you a gift for each event, you must still write a thank you note for each gift. Thank you notes for a shower or engagement party should be sent out 2-3 weeks after the event.

How do I indicate time on the reception card?

If the reception is being held following the ceremony, you would simply put: Reception following ceremony. If the reception is being held later, you should indicate the exact time. For example, if the ceremony is at two o'clock and the reception is at four o'clock: Reception at four o'clock in the afternoon

Is it acceptable to put ‘Formal Attire’ or ‘Black Tie’ on the invitations?

It is not appropriate to indicate a dress code on your invitation. If a dress code is required for the reception site, you can put attire instructions on the reception card.

My wedding is being held at someone's home. How do I word my invitation?

If the wedding is being held at someone's home, put 'at the home of' and the person's name. For example: at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones

What date should my guests respond by?

You should set your respond date 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding date. If your caterer requires a headcount by a specific date, you should make your respond date a week before their date.

When should I send out my Thank You notes?

Thank you notes should be written and mailed out as soon as the gift is received or within 3 months of the wedding date.

Military Etiquette

How do I list military rank and branch of service on my invitations?

"Names should be preceded by the military rank. Ranks should be spelled out. Place a comma after the name and then spell out the branch of service. If the person is retired from active duty, "(Retired)" should follow the branch of service. For example: Lieutenant Commander John Paul Jones, United States Navy (Retired)."


Are envelopes included in the price of the invitations and accessory cards?

Inner and outer envelopes are included in the price for invitations. Respond cards, thank you cards and informal notes also include their own envelopes. Lined envelopes are available, for a modest additional charge, for most invitations. Envelopes can also be imprinted with a return address. Extra envelopes are also available. Please see the envelope section of our personalization pages for product specific information.

Do I get your lower prices if I need to order more invitations later?

It is much cheaper to order a few extra invitations initially than it is to order a few extra later. The additional set price is only available on your initial invitation purchase.




This card announces the marriage to those not invited to attend the ceremony. It is usually printed using the same design, color and lettering you select for your invitations. Announcements are normally mailed immediately after the wedding, or upon the couple's return from the honeymoon.


Bright-White is a crisp, pure white for that pristine, wedding-white look.


The wording you have chosen for your invitations and enclosure cards.

Corner Copy

Corner copy is a footnote on the lower right or left hand corner of the invitation, where you can put information about the reception, alternate ceremony information, etc…


Ecru coordinates with an ivory color scheme.

Emboss or Blind Emboss

Embossing is the process of creating a raised, bas relief image on paper, or other substrates. It is accomplished by pressing the paper against a three-dimensional die, creating the raised image. Debossing is a similar process where the image is pressed into the paper as opposed to be raised.

Foil Stamp

"Also known as "stamping" or "hot-stamping", it is the process of fusing foil to the paper. It is accomplished by pressing a thin layer of foil between the paper and a heated die. The image on the die effectively cuts and heats the foil, binding it permanently to the paper."

Front Panel Copy

It is a term we use to indicate that the invitation you have chosen has a place on the front for the bride and groom's names and or a verse. If no copy is provided we will leave the front panel blank.

Informal Note

An informal note has the bride’s name, the bride's monogram or the names of the newly married couple. It is blank inside for your personal handwritten message. It can be used as a thank you or for short correspondence.

Lined Envelope

A colored lining on the invitation inner envelope.

Middle Panel Copy

It is a term we use to indicate that the invitation you have chosen has a place on the middle panel for the bride and groom's names and or a verse.

Paragraph Form

Paragraph form is an invitation wording style with indented paragraphs and even margins. It is not typically used on invitations with a border.


A proof is a sample of what your print order will look like, before it is printed. It allows you to "proofread" the printer's work before it goes to press. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by providing a "hard-copy." The need for hard-copy proofs has been eliminated with our online proofing system, which allows you to see what your personalized product will look like before it is printed.

Reception Card

Enclosed with the invitation, it notifies guests of the time and place of your reception.

Respond Card

The respond card is filled out by the guest and returned so that you will have an accurate count of how many will be attending the ceremony and reception.

Respond Envelope Copy

Respond envelope copy is the name and address you want printed on your respond envelopes.

Return Address on Back Flap of Envelope

You can have your return address printed on the back flap of the outer invitation envelope.

Save the Date Card

The save the date card is sent out before the invitations to your guests to let them know of the upcoming event, especially if it is close to a holiday.

Soft White

Soft white is a rich, creamy vanilla-colored paper that has the look of timeless elegance.

Thank You Card

A thank you note is handwritten and should mention the gift that was given. This will let them know your appreciation of their thoughtful gift.


The process of creating raised lettering by applying a powder to the freshly laid ink and fusing it to the paper through the application of heat.

Multipurpose Card

From Hotel accommodations to at Home Cards, whatever you need to communicate to your wedding guests can be done with a Multipurpose card.


Vellum is a finish applied to paper in the paper making process. It is a toothy finish, applied to increase the absorption rate of ink. It is generally available in higher quality papers. It has nothing to do with a paper's weight, color or opacity.

How Do I . . . ?

How do I invite only a few guests to the ceremony and everyone to the reception?

You can use the invitation card to invite everyone to the reception and order a reception card to invite only those invited to the ceremony.

I do not want children to attend the wedding or reception. How do I indicate this to my guests?

The way the inner and outer envelopes are addressed will indicate who is invited. If you feel you need to further discourage the attendance of children, you can enclose a note to those who are most understanding.

I have already ordered my invitations and details about our wedding have changed. What do I do?

If you have not mailed out your invitations, you should reorder the card and make the appropriate changes. If you have already sent out your invitations, you can mail a small card indicating the changes. We would recommend ordering an enclosure card with envelopes.


Can my invitations or announcements be printed in Spanish, French, Italian or any other languages?

Yes, we can print invitations in a foreign language, as long as it uses the English alphabet. For accuracy, non-English orders must be made by mail or online at See FAQ for “Ordering” to download an order form. There is an additional fee for printing in languages other than English.

Do the invitations cost more than 44 cents to mail?

The price of mailing your invitation will depend on the number of enclosures and the size and weight of your invitation. For accurate postage, we recommend you take a complete invitation ensemble to your local post office and have the exact postage determined before mailing.

I am offering entree choices at the reception. Where do I put this information?

This information can be put on the respond card.

What color ink should I have my invitations printed in?

Black ink is the choice if you are planning a formal or traditional affair. For contemporary weddings, use an ink color that compliments the accent colors on your card.

What color invitation should I select?

Ecru, soft white or bright-white paper with no accent coloring is the traditional choice. For a more contemporary look, choose an invitation with an accent color that compliments your wedding colors.

What is the purpose of the tissue paper?

The use of tissue paper began in the 1600's. The printing process was metal plate engraving. The engraving took longer to dry and could be smudged. To protect the printing a small piece of tissue paper was placed on top. Tissues are no longer needed, but the tradition of using them continues.

What typestyle should I select?

You should select a lettering style that appeals to you. Keep in mind that the more lines you have on a card, the smaller the font size will be. A less ornate style would be a better choice if you plan to have a lot of lines on your card.

Is the Return Address on outer envelopes printed with raised ink?

Return Address on Envelope Flap will be printed in flat ink except for Gold, Silver and Pearlized Inks.

What is included in the price of the invitation?

The price of the invitations will include the invitation, outer envelopes, inner envelopes, and a 3 ½” x 5” sheet of tissue paper to lay over the invitation wording.