Wedding Invitations and Announcements – Tips & Tricks


Want to use a certain color for your announcements, but can’t find an announcement in the color you are looking for? You can always use colored ink and a matching colored envelope lining to incorporate your special color in your announcement.

If you are looking to keep costs low on your announcements, you may want to cut out some of the extras like colored ink and just use black ink. When trying to decide which options that will save you time and are worth the money, like the printed return address.

Announcements come in all shapes, sizes and weights. We recommend having your invitation with all of its enclosures and inserts weighed before mailing so you know how much postage to put on each one. The last thing you want is to have your announcements returned to you because of insufficient postage.

Engraving is the traditional standard printing process for formal invitation and announcements where your information is actually pressed into the paper by a metal plate and then covered with ink. However, it can be rather expensive. Thermography is the modern day version of engraving where the ink is applied to the paper and then coated with a special powder. The paper is then sent through an oven where the heat bonds the ink and powder creating a raised effect. It is nearly identical to engraving, at half the price.

Looking for a thick invitation? Heavy cotton invitations are usually the thickest but can be pretty expensive. A panel card invitation is made of thicker paper than folding cards and can be made available at lower costs. They are a great way to save money and still get the paper quality you are looking for.

It is always a good idea to order extra envelopes. Humans and printers make mistakes. It will cost more to order extra envelopes separately after you’ve placed your order than if you order them at the same time.

Plan ahead and write your wording or use our Word Wizard before you order your invitations or announcements. Wording can take longer than you think! Take time and think about what you want to say. You may need to write a few drafts before coming up with the final one.

Graduates – Not only will you need Thank You cards for gifts, but you may also want to have a few on hand to thank professors and people who have supported you along the way. Be sure to order more thank you cards than announcements!

You can pick out and order your baby announcements before the baby is born. You won’t have to fuss with the details once the newborn arrives, you can just call in the vital statistics to finish the order.

You can pick out and order your moving announcements before you begin packing or find a new home. Once you know your new address, just call it in to the printers and your order is complete.

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