Tips for Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

If you are looking to keep costs low on your wedding invitations, you can eliminate some of the unnecessary options like colored ink, while other options like the return address, are worth the money.

You can lightly number your response cards so if your guest’s handwriting is less than perfect, you can still figure out who’s attending your event. Just be sure to keep a chart of who goes with what number, so there is no mix up.

Save money on stamps by using a response postcard instead of a response card with an envelope. Postcards are always less expensive to mail.

If you are having a sit-down meal rather than a buffet, place cards are an excellent way to get your guests seated quickly and to inform your caterers who is having which meal.

Engraving is the traditional standard printing process for formal wedding invitations, but can be rather expensive. If you want the look of engraving, but can’t fit it in your budget, consider thermography. It is the modern day version of engraving, is nearly identical in appearance, and normally only half the cost.

As soon as you know the time and location for your event, you are ready to order your wedding invitations. It is always best to order them as soon as possible so you have time to make decisions, assemble them if necessary, and address your envelopes.

Want to coordinate your wedding invitations to match the color scheme of your event, but can’t find an invitation in the color you are looking for? You can always choose to have your invitations printed with a colored ink and have a matching envelope lining that coordinates with your event color.

Wedding invitations come in all sizes, shapes and weights. We recommend weighing your invitation with all its enclosures and inserts before mailing so you know how much postage is needed. The last thing you want is to have all your invitations returned to you because of insufficient postage.

Looking for a thick invitation? Heavy cotton invitations are usually the thickest invitations you can get, but they can be expensive. You might want to consider using a panel card invitation which is made of a thicker paper than folding cards and is usually available at lower costs. It’s a great way to save money and get the paper quality you are looking for.

You never know when you will need to add another guest to your list. Be sure to order enough invitations to invite those on your list today and a few more tomorrow.

It is always a good idea to order extra envelopes. Humans and printers make mistakes and it will cost more to order extra once you have placed the original order.

Plan ahead and write your wording or use our Word Wizard before you order your wedding invitations or announcements. Wording can take longer than you think!

Ask the post office to hand cancel your wedding invitations, that way they won’t have a bar code from the machine and they will arrive looking much cleaner. This is an especially good idea if you have an unusual size or thickness, as it will prevent them from getting jammed in the machine.

Want your guests to know where you’re registered, but know that it is poor etiquette to include that information on your invitation? Include your website on the directions or RSVP card; your guests will thank you for all the available information.

You don’t always need all of the enclosures offered for each wedding invitation. If your reception is at the same location as your ceremony, you can disclose that on your invitation.

If you would like to incorporate your wedding color in your invitation, one way to do this is to have your ink and envelope lining done in your color of choice.

Formal etiquette is to address your inner and outer envelopes with proper name titles. Professor Robert Jameson or Robert Jameson, Ph.D. for the outer, Professor Jameson for the inner.

The best way to inform your guests that your wedding is for adults only is to spread that information through word of mouth. There are a few printed options.

Assembling envelopes can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember you always want your wording facing up and situated so that it may be read immediately upon opening.

Establishing a website for your wedding is an invaluable way to include all the wedding information and details (hotels, date, registry etc.) for your guests to reference.

Children over the age of 18 should receive their own wedding invitations. You may include them on their parents’ wedding invitations; their name should be written on the outer and inner envelopes.

You’ll need thank you cards for more than just your wedding presents. There are many occasions where gifts are given before and after your wedding day, so be sure to order more thank you cards than invitations.

Wedding invitations are often addressed to the invitee ´and guest´. To be more proper and personal, try to find out the names of the guests you are inviting to attend with your single friends and relatives, and include their full name on the envelope. If you can´t, sending one invitation with ´and guest´ will suffice.

If children are invited to the wedding, it is proper to address the outer envelope with the parents’ names (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith). You can then include the children´s names on the inside envelope.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith************

To invite two people, living at the same address with different last names, list their names on separate lines on the outer envelope, in alphabetical order. For example,

Mr. Roger Sikes

Ms. Tamara Kinder

and the inside would read

Mr. Sikes

Ms. Kinder

Interested in announcing your engagement in the paper? Here’s a sample of what you could write:

“Mr. and Ms. Mark Thompson of Cleveland announce the engagement of their daughter, Jessica Lynn, to Tom Carter, son of William and Linda Carter of Scottsdale. Ms. Thompson, a graduate of the University of Arizona, is a teacher at Arrowhead Elementary in Glendale. Mr. Carter graduated from Texas State University and is a forman for Kitchell Construction. They are planning a November wedding.” If your date has not been set, you may substitute , “No wedding date has yet been set” for the last line.

Rain cards are the perfect back up for a less than perfect day. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider a back up plan. The best way to inform your guests of this plan, is to include rain cards with the wedding invitation that describe where the event will take place if the weather takes a turn on your wedding day. Be sure to be specific and say, “In the event that it rains on the 24 th, we will be relocating to the indoor banquet room,” as bad weather to one person may be a walk in the park for another.

Weddings planned during a holiday or busy travel weekend need to be announced with special care. Save the date cards are a perfect remedy to letting your guests know in advance when to mark their calendars for your celebration.

If you are addressing an invitation to a married couple in which the woman has kept her name, the outer envelope should read: “ Ms. Mary Lane and Mr. James Campbell”. If the wife is a doctor, the envelope should read: “ Dr. Mary Lane and Mr. James Campbell”.

Wedding announcements should be sent out no earlier than the day of the wedding and it’s okay if they don’t get sent until you return from your honeymoon. It may be confusing if they are sent too early and arrive before your wedding date since they are usually written in past tense.

Postage adds up quickly when you are sending 100+ invitations in the mail. Invitations that are thicker, larger, square, have pockets and charms will weigh more than a standard invitation. Even though it may only cost a few more cents for one, it will add up quicker than you think!

Want to add something unique and personal to your wedding invitation? Add a quote to the bottom of your invitation wording. It doesn’t have to be long, but it can be the finishing touch that will stay in the minds of your guests.

Times and dates on wedding invitations should be written out in full and the date and year should be on two separate lines.

the twenty-third of July

Two thousand and four

at half past three in the afternoon

is more appropriate than

July, 23 2004

3:30 pm

When ordering your wedding invitations, be sure to pick out your wedding programs. Often times you can put in the order all at the same time, providing your program wording after you have met with your coordinator or ceremony officiant to plan the ceremony details. It will save you time not having to make the decision as your wedding date approaches.

Remembering that wedding invitations set the tone of your event will help you decide what kind of style to choose for your own. If you are planning a formal event, you will want to stay clear from invitations that appear too casual. Guests usually take the dress code cue from the formality of the invitation.

If you are worried that your guests will tuck their save the date into a bottomless kitchen drawer, create a postcard style save the date from our Custom Card section that will make for a decorative reminder. Attach an engagement photo to the save the date or emboss with your last name initial for a personal touch.

If you want your invitations to be traditional on all counts, have a calligrapher address your inner and outer envelopes. There are surely some in your area and they should offer a variety of font styles for you to choose from.

Even if you are planning on having a long engagement, the engagement can be announced and a party can be thrown as early as you would like. You will want to wait until about 6 months before the wedding date to start sending save the date cards or travel information to your guests.

Inviting more guests to the reception than to the ceremony is completely acceptable. You may be getting married in a small chapel or an intimate setting setting and your guests will understand. You can’t, however, invite more guests to the ceremony than to the reception. If it is important to you to have them at your wedding, then they should be able to join in the following reception celebration.

Sibling’s in-laws are not required to be invited to the wedding. If you are close with your sibling’s in-laws, then you may invite them, however they are not your family and you should not feel obligated to invite them if you hardly know them.

If you are moving into a new home around your wedding date, be sure to order “just moved” cards to announce to family and friends that you are no longer at your old address. People may still be sending gifts and you want them to arrive at the right doorstep!

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