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If you are looking to keep costs low on your birth announcements, you should consider dropping some of the extras like colored ink. However, if the option seems worth the money, like printed return address, you should keep it.

Birth Announcements come in all sizes, shapes and weights. We recommend weighing your birth announcements with all of the enclosures and inserts before mailing so you know how much postage is required.

Looking for a thick birth announcement? Cotton announcements are generally the thickest available. They are also usually the most expensive. If you want the thickness of cotton without the cost, you should consider using a panel card announcement. They are made of a thicker paper than folding cards and can be made available at lower costs.

You never know when you’ll need to add another guest to your list. Be sure to order enough birth announcements to send to everyone on your list today and a few more tomorrow.

Wording for Birth Announcements typically starts out with some type of introduction such as “We are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter”, then you will go on to list the following information: baby’s name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, length, and parents’ names. There are many clever ways to word an announcement, feel free to be creative and have fun with it!

Some Ideas for Birth Announcements Wording:

It is always a good idea to order extra envelopes. Humans and printers make mistakes and it will cost more to order extra after you’ve placed your order.

Plan ahead and write your wording or use our Word Wizard before you order your birth announcements. Wording can take longer than you think!

Ask the post office to hand cancel your invitations, that way they won’t have a bar code from the machine and they will arrive looking much cleaner. Especially, if you have an unusual size or thickness, you can prevent them from getting jammed in the machine.

You can pick out and order your birth announcements before the baby is born. That way you won’t have to fuss with the details once the newborn arrives, you can just call in the vital statistics to finish the order.

When browsing our selection of Birth Announcements you may see one that you are drawn to and your decision is made. You may want to take the approach of sharing your nursery colors via your baby announcements. If anyone wishes to send a gift, they can take the hint from your birth announcements.

After you send out your birth announcements, be prepared to receive gifts and notes of best wishes. When ordering your birth announcements, pick out and order your thank you cards so you have plenty on hand throughout your pregnancy. There are many occasions where gifts are given before and after the baby is born, so be sure to order plenty of extra thank you cards. You will most likely be receiving gifts before you get a chance to drop the birth announcements in the mail!

Want your birth announcements to be in a certain color, but can’t find an announcement in the color you are looking for? You can always opt to use colored ink and a matching envelope lining to incorporate your color of choice in your announcement.

Friends and family often wish to send you a gift after receiving your birth announcements. Even if they don’t reference your baby registry, a thank you note should still be sent. Keep in mind there are things that should never be said. Do not mention you are going to return a gift for ANY reason. Also, be certain to never mention that you received the same gift from someone else.

Just as in creating a guest list for an event, you will want to create a mailing list for your birth announcements. This will not only give you an accurate count of how many birth announcements to order, but it will also take the stress off of creating the mailing list after the baby has arrived. The more you can do in advance the better because you won’t have the time or energy later.

If you have chosen a Birth Announcement Photo Card that only allows for a few lines of text, then we recommend narrowing it down to the baby’s name, date of birth, weight and length on one line, and the parents’ names.

When wording the birth announcements for twins or triplets, be sure to write the babies’ names on separate lines in order to prevent any confusion. You don’t want everyone to think you’ve just given your child one really long name!

Some parents are uncomfortable sharing the birth weight of their child in instances of unusual birth weight. Leaving the birth weight off of the birth announcement is completely acceptable. Friends and family may still be curious and ask anyways, but there is no reason it must be included on the birth announcements.

Grandparents’ and other children’s names can be included on the birth announcement if you wish for them to share in the joy of announcing the new family member. Their names would be appropriately listed on the line below the parents’ names.

Photo Birth Announcements are a great way to introduce the new addition to your family. No one expects you to send a photo with your birth announcements, so if you don’t have time for such, don’t fret. You can always include a photo on or with your thank you notes.

Have your birth announcements weighed at the post office and buy your stamps ahead of time. That will also save you a trip when you have your hands full with the new baby.

The birth of a child is a celebrated event, so feel free to send an announcement to anyone who would like to share in your special news.

Be sure to order your Thank You Notes at the same time as your baby announcements. You will most likely be receiving gifts before you get a chance to drop the birth announcements in the mail!

It is best to send your birth announcements as soon as possible, preferably within a month after the birth of your baby. As long as they are sent out before the child is 6 months old, you are still within a reasonable time frame. Your friends and family will be forgiving knowing that you are busy taking care of a new child.

Some vendors may send your envelopes in advance so that you can hand address them before the baby arrives. You could also print you envelopes to save you even more time.

Also, some people like to write hand written notes on the birth announcements. Know that this is not common practice and not necessary. As new parents, you will be living busy lives and no one will expect you to the time it takes to write a personal note to everyone.
Birth Announcements – Etiquette
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