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Advice: Wedding Venue- Charley Creek Inn

Finding the right wedding venue has turned into quite the challenge. Every couple wants to have a place that showcases themselves and their unique personalities in it.  More and more couples have opted for venues outside of churches or gardens and are looking for places like vineyards and old classic buildings. Well, if you’re into 1920’s style architecture,
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Wedding Etiquette: Including Your Children

Q:  My fiancé and I both have children. We’d like to include them in our wedding ceremony and possibly on our wedding invitations. Any suggestions?  — Mandy from OH A:  You are in luck! There are actually quite a few unique ways that you can include your children on “the big day”. Here are a
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Babies & Kids: Flower Dogs

Your wedding is a day to be shared with the people that you love and cherish most in the world. Sometimes your favorite people aren’t “people” at all. I, for one, have given my heart to a golden retriever named Harper. She’s my little girl and I love her dearly. She wasn’t around when my
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Wedding Etiquette: Delivering a Wedding Gift

Q: Recently a good friend told me that it is now considered improper to actually take your wedding gift to the wedding. She says that modern etiquette dictates that gifts should be delivered to the couple before or after the wedding, but not given at the actual event. Is this true?  — Katie from NC
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Wedding Trends: Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

With my wedding day just a few short months away, there are still some details I haven’t yet figured out.  Our ceremony backdrop is one of them.  We’re getting married indoors at an arboretum, and while the outdoor parts are beautiful, the inside leaves a bit to be desired in terms of picturesque backdrops.  Green
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Inside the Studio: Ribbon Booklet Programs

Friday Monica and I tied pretty bows for Nancy’s classy booklet programs.  She selected our popular navy & grass green inks with navy ribbon for her wedding day stationery.  (Photo taken while these programs awaited having their bow tails trimmed.) Peruse more bows and classic goodness on Pinterest!

Wedding Trends: Unique Unity Ceremonies

The unity ceremony is a visual representation of the love that a couple promises to share, the happiness they will nurture, and the families of both the bride and groom joining together.  The unity candle is one of the more traditional options incorporated into weddings; however, couples continue to elaborate on the orthodox customs of
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Wedding Etiquette: No Kids Allowed

I really want to have an “adults only” wedding ceremony and reception. I’d like to note this on my wedding invitation but I’ve heard that is considered a no-no. What should I do?   -Kate from NC Oh, Kate, you are certainly not alone! “If we had a dollar…” Seriously, this is one of our
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