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Christina + Andy: Celebrating in triplicate

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to an incredibly adorable couple, Christina and Andy. If you missed how they met and fell and love, read this first! Andy is Jewish and Christina’s background is Cambodian. Both of their families remember the loss and hardship that they and their loved ones have endured due
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Real Stationery Photos: Wedding Invites with a Flirty Font

An effortless script font announces your big day on this casually elegant wedding invitation.  The simplicity of this design lends itself well to any affair!  Use color to convey the feel of your wedding… mint and umber inks make a great pairing for a seaside event! Because colors can vary among computer monitors, we suggest
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Wedding Colors: Lemon Zest

Who doesn’t love a fresh squeezed lemonade?!  Inspired by the zesty fruit, we’ve paired our new lemon matte paper with a soft neutral for a wedding day color scheme that is refreshingly vibrant… kind of like a cool lemonade on a hot day! Pictured:    Textured Antique White Printing Paper  |  Lemon Matte Paper (this one
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Wedding Colors: A Sweet Classic

Today we set out to give the classic black and white color combo a sweetly softened look by using charcoal and pale pink shades.  These gray and blush hues have been really popular for 2013 weddings and we just love them!  See similar color pairings in various styles with our very latest Timeline and Cosmopolitan wedding
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Wedding Colors: Smokin’ Berry

We love this smokin’ hot color combination of smoke, berry, and amethyst!  A mix of these hues are great for a wedding of any season. Pictured:  Diamond Printing Paper  |  Driftwood Shimmer Paper   |  Berry Shimmer Paper  |  Lilac, Berry, & Smoke Inks  |  Amethyst Satin Ribbon  |  Amethyst Crystal  |  CS8 Font Because colors
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Real Stationery Photos: Orchids in Bloom

Love is in bloom with this floral wedding invitation!  If you love orchids as much as we do, you’re going to adore these illustrated tropical blossoms. Pictured:  Tropical Orchid wedding invite in smoke and berry inks.

Wedding Colors: Swooning Over Shell

This delightful color combination sparked our Peachy Keen inspiration board yesterday.  We love the contrast of soft coral hues against more masculine pewter tones.  The addition of pale minty aquas really make us swoon over this perfect palette (literally, we were swooning putting this one together!). Pictured:    Textured White Printing Paper  |  Shell Shimmer Paper
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Wedding DIY: One of a Kind Wedding Invitations

With only a little over three weeks (yes, weeks!) to go, I have been going, going, going non-stop to make sure all of our grand ideas come together successfully on September 15.  It is crazy to think how fast time has flown by since we first set our date. If you follow me on Pinterest
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Brian + Will: A Capital Couple

Brian is a Communications Manager with American Gaming Association and crew rower. Will is a National Sales Manager with Visit Charlotte and country-western dancer. A sweet pairing made in a very modern way: match.com. And a dashing pair at that, wouldn’t you say? For as different as they may seem, these two gentlemen are both enamored
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Travels: Easter Island

Founded on Easter Sunday in 1722 by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was dubbed “Easter Island.”  The history of the island (Polynesian name: Rapa Nui) is rather captivating and, along with its primitive beauty, is a huge draw for tourists. Travel Tip: Introduce elements of the
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