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Wording Dilemma: Listing the Parents

My fiancé’s parents, who aren’t financially contributing to our ceremony or reception, want their names listed on our wedding invitation along with the names of my parents. My own parents, however, prefer very traditional wording and don’t think his parents should be listed. I don’t know how to please everyone!  –Finley from CA Pleasing everyone may be
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Weekly Rally: Rustic summer, shoes and gifts!

A summer wedding inspiration board, gift giving etiquette, and wedding shoe trends are all on the blog this week.  In case you missed a day, here’s a quick re-cap: Mismatched table settings, natural fabrics, and mason jars create the perfect look for a rustic summer wedding. The temperatures are already warming up and summer will be here
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Wording Dilemma: Child of Divorce

My parents are divorced. Neither are remarried and they are both hosting my upcoming wedding. They still share the same last name and are worried that our guests will be confused. I’m a little lost! What is the proper way to word my invitation? – Heather from NJ We understand your dilemma. The times they
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