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Wedding Trends: Emily + Jef = Bachelorette Bliss

ABC’s The Bachelorette has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. This season I was especially addicted. Maybe it was because I felt some sort of misplaced kinship with Emily Maynard. Like myself, Emily is a West Virginia girl currently residing in North Carolina. Silly? Maybe. But it was enough to make me eagerly tune
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Wedding Trends: Celebrity Shindigs!

Oh, the celebrity wedding. We either love to love them or love to hate them. Either way, they are fun! Sometimes, fun is the only reason we need enjoy hearing about a good ol’ celebrity wedding. And, when they are long-anticipated, they are even more exciting! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the photos of
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Wedding Trends: Iconic Celebrity Weddings

I must admit when Kristin approached me about writing a fun, celebrity related column for Between Designs┬áI was over the moon. After all, reading US Weekly from cover to cover (yes, every week) is a secret guilty pleasure of mine. Okay, fine, so it’s not such a secret! I can just see my husband rolling
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