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Wedding Trends: 2013 Wedding Dress Trends

Ooooh, to attend Bridal Fashion Week in NYC would be a dream… to ooh and ahh and critique luxurious wedding gowns while bumping elbows with some of the top bloggers, reporters, and photographers in the industry and applauding elite designers.  Wow!  Well, luckily there is the internet. So I pulled up my chair and curated
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Wedding Trends: Pocketed Wedding Gowns

Sewn seamlessly into a pleat or tucked under a tuft of tulle, this particular bridal gown trend isn’t only a small feature, but a hidden one; pockets are proving that sometimes the grandest trends are in the tiniest details. Whatever your style — laid back and cool (bridepop.com), short and flirty, or modern and sophisticated
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