New wedding invitation designs

Groomsmen: Superhero Boutonnieres for Geeky Groomsmen

When thinking about everything you need for the wedding, you want to make sure the groom doesn’t forget about the boutonniere. Many men put little thought into this detail. After all, what man truly cares about flowers? While a flowery piece may be the traditional route, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have
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Wedding DIY: Glamorous Vintage Inspired Weddings

We live in an age where old is new. With all of the older looks coming back into style, people have been making thrift store couture. This vintage look does not just apply to everyday clothing and décor but is now taking over the wedding scene. The glamor and sophistication of the vintage inspired wedding
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Honeymoon: List of Inspirational Domestic Locations for Your Honeymoon

Looking for a unique honeymoon experience? Forget Paris, Barcelona, and Venice. These honeymoon hotspots are renowned for being overcrowded and offering gimmicky tourist attractions. Besides, no one wants to fork out thousands of dollars for a clichéd honeymoon experience. Don’t get us wrong. We love our famous European cities, but the Paris honeymoon experience is
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Planning: Modern and Memorable Wedding Favors

Every couple knows it is good etiquette to send a small favor home with a guest to say thank you, but choosing the perfect item can be difficult. Fortunately, modern couples are thinking outside the box to choose something that contributes to the theme of their wedding and is something guests are happy to have.
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Wedding Ideas: Stunning Wedding Trends for 2017

If you are planning a wedding, then it’s time to remember any wedding details you saw and liked (or disliked) this year and begin piecing together your own celebration. If you and your fiancée are going for a traditional vibe, that’s great. There are dozens of how-to lists that will cover the usual components, from
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Cake: Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers to Consider

LEGO cake topper couple

A good set of wedding toppers can be, quite literally, the icing on the cake for a good wedding celebration. Choosing a personalized cake topper is a wonderful way of expressing your personality as a couple while making your cake look extra fabulous.