New wedding invitation designs

Thank You Notes: 9 Etiquette Tips for Thank You Notes

The tough part? It’s over.  Between the “Will you marry me?”, the kissing of the bride, and the honeymoon, you spent a significant amount of time and money planning an event to be remembered for all posterity. But you’re not done yet.  If you’re a newlywed, you’re probably still getting gifts, and may have even
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Bridal Shower: Ultimate Bridal Shower Game Guide

Like many wedding traditions, the bridal shower is a custom that originated before it was common for people to marry for love. When a bride’s family did not have enough means for a dowry, family friends would come together and bring enough gifts to compensate. Nowadays, bridal showers are a fun pre-party for the bride
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Planning: Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding?

Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding? Don’t know where to start? Frazzled? Unsure? If you feel any of the above, then this checklist is for you!Get on the right path with the right checklist to guide your wedding. The average engagement is sixteen months, so this guide follows that time frame. 16 Months Before Before
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