New wedding invitation designs

Wedding Food: The Modern Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding candy bar of treats

At a wedding, everyone remembers the dress, the flowers, the music, and maybe even the dinner and the open bar. There are several traditional rituals associated with wedding receptions, including the first dance, the throwing of the bouquet, and the cutting of the wedding cake.


Inspiration: Plan Your Dream Honeymoon in Bora Bora

Bora Bora honeymoon

While planning your dream wedding, it’s important to remember to plan for your honeymoon as well. Even when everything goes right, your wedding day can be a stressful event. Take the edge off by planning your dream honeymoon in a romantic location like Bora Bora. Look forward to sipping some wine, kicking your feet up,
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Real Weddings: Wedding Etiquette for Non-Traditional Families

Bride and groom

American family dynamics can be very complicated. More and more families have some other arrangement than the traditional mom, dad, and kids. People get divorces. There are step-parents, step-siblings, and step-children. Since wedding etiquette assumes a traditional family, many people don’t know how to make sure everyone is happy. A non-traditional family can affect everything
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Wedding Ideas: Stylish Mocktails for the Wedding Reception

Wedding Mocktail

Weddings are a time to let your hair down and party, but for those guests who can’t or don’t want to imbibe, an open bar serving spectacular cocktails can leave them feelings left out of the festivities. Fortunately, there are some amazing non-alcoholic options you can serve which are just as impressive and stylish as
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Passport Diaries: Dream Honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon in bali

As you plan your rehearsal dinner, your engagement party, and all that a wedding entails, take the time to think of the relaxing days of your honeymoon.  Put your feet up, loosen your tense mind with a glass of Indonesian Jepun Sparkling Rose wine, and consider having your dream honeymoon in Bali.


Ceremony: Vintage Bridal Themes for Retro Brides

modern bride and groom on bench

Brides who are gearing up for their wedding day will likely have a good idea about what kind of theme they want for the big event. Whether it’s a rustic theme, polka dots, black tie, or fairy-tale, every bride can envision herself walking down the aisle in a particular setting. For those brides who are
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Advice: Dapper Accessories for Groomsmen

mens accessories on top of vest

Even though everyone who attends a wedding is looking forward to seeing the bride, there is, of course, some excitement to see the men all dressed up as well. For many groomsmen, taking part in a wedding is one of the few times they’ll have to really clean up and look their best, so it’s
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