Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends for 2009

2009 is poised to be a very exciting year for brides-to-be.  Especially during these tough economic times, creativity is taking on a whole new meaning when it comes to wedding invitations and wedding planning.  2009 brides will be looking for ways to express their own personal style and create a one-of-a-kind event, while at the same time cutting costs wherever they can.  2009 wedding invitation trends are all about finding individual style, and making sensible, stylish statements that will make a big impact without the need for a big budget.  Here are the top 10 wedding invitation trends for 2009.

Here’s What’s Hot for 2009

10. Do It Yourself

This year, more than ever, brides are looking for simple, creative, ways to get the wedding invitations they want within the price ranges they can afford.  Daring DIY brides can get the best of both worlds by creating one-of-a-kind designs without a costly “custom made” price tag.  All you need to do is pick the cardstock colors and shapes you prefer, order a comprehensive DIY kit, and print your wedding invitations yourself. MyGatsby’s exclusive, all-inclusive DIY wedding invitation kits make it easier than ever to DIY in a strikingly stylish way.

Looking for a less hands-on option for affordable wedding invitations?  Beautiful blank printable wedding invitations leave the creativity to us and leave the printing to you.  Printable wedding invitations are a great way to cut back on costs, and with a gorgeous new group of printable invitation options, you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing a single bit of style.

9. What’s Old is New

Patterns once reserved for little old ladies and slipcovered couches are getting a serious makeover this year with bold designs and bolder color combinations.   Vintage textile patterns become fresh and statement-making for 2009. Damask becomes daring, brocade gets bold, and lace becomes luxe with these modern interpretations that feel anything but vintage.

Damask patterns are all the rage, and when you border your wedding invitations in the pretty style and in cheerful colors, you get an invitation style that is stylish and unstuffy.   Another option is to include a pop of style, like with envelope liningBrown and Pink wedding invitations take a traditional style and give it a trendy, colorful, anything-but-boring twist.

8. Monochromatic Palettes

It’s true that striking color contrasts are often beautiful, but monochromatic schemes can be simply stunning in a very chic way.   When you stick to one color but experiment with variations and shades of the same hue, you’ll widen your options without having to make everything match. Here are a few of our favorite monochromatic palettes:

  • Blue is a constant classic for wedding invitations. Why not layer baby blues and navy blues, turquoises and aquas, sky blues with bright blues? The effect of all that beautiful blue will be as vibrant and as striking as the blue sky itself.
  • White-on-White color palettes offer a look that is equal parts elegance, tradition, and glam. Traditional wedding invitations are crisp white or ecru, with the optional white bow for some extra elegance. If you’re more trendy than traditional, try layering different shades of white cardstock, or choose shimmering white paper for a little extra sparkle.
  • Soft, buttery yellows are surprisingly soothing, golden yellows are very versatile, and we think nothing says “happily” ever after like a dose of bright, bold, lemon yellow. Layer the sunny shades together to create a look that is sophisticated and un-stuffy.

7. Culture Cues

Celebrate your heritage with wedding invitations that incorporate elements of your culture for a very personal and meaningful effect.  Irish brides might want to include a shamrock or celtic love knot motif.  Asian-inspired wedding invitations in classic “good luck red” can make a meaningful statement.  Incorporate a white and gold theme to mirror Nigerian wedding colors, or go bold with bright hues of red, green, and yellow.   Couples looking to pay tribute to their Italian roots can add a simple Fleur De Lis, the national symbol of Italy, to their wedding invitations and stationery.  These are just a few examples of the ways that culturally-inspired wedding invitations will make a very meaningful impact on wedding invitations in 2009.  Whether it’s in the colors you select, or in the embellishments you include, there are truly endless options for adding a cultural flourish to your wedding invitations.

6. Affordable Luxury

Brides shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to stay within their budgets.  With a growing collection of gorgeous, affordable wedding invitations, they won’t have to.  2009 will see a return to wedding invitations that are equal parts style and sensibility with beautiful styles at unbeatable prices.  MyGatsby Exclusive Invitations offer a simple, straightforward solution for ordering high-quality wedding invitations quickly.  With value and simplicity, these wedding invitations are built to satisfy your needs without sacrificing a single ounce of style.  No stressful selection process, no complicated assembly instructions. Just beautiful, sophisticated wedding invitations…simplified.

5. Fresh Oranges

Orange is an unexpected yet exceptionally stylish choice for 2009 wedding invitations.   From bright tangerine for a festive wedding event, to deep burnt orange for a more formal affair, orange is surprisingly versatile.  Start by searching for the citrus-inspired hue that’s right for you.  Here are a few of our favorites to consider: Neon Orange, Orange Fizz and Tangy Orange.  Next, consider the complete color palette.  Orange looks amazing with chocolate brown, bright pinks, baby blues, bright white, or any other color combination that makes your favorite orange color pop and makes your heart sing.

Want more creative inspiration for your citrus-inspired wedding invitations?  Browse the MyGatsby design studio or Mix n Match collection for plenty of delicious ideas to spur your imagination.

4. Au Natural

Likely attributed to the growing eco-friendly trend, wedding invitations will continue to “go green” in 2009. Whether brides insist on using completely recycled materials, or decide to play homage to mother earth with little tributes to nature, every 2009 bride just might discover an eco-friendly style all her own.   Brides will continue to find inspiration in the natural world around them with styles featuring organic shapes, leaf motifs, floral designs; even birds and other animal prints.

For an added flourish, natural pressed flowers are a beautiful, organic way to accent your wedding invitations.  With charming hydrangeas, classic daisies, gorgeous violas and delicate verbenas that are grown, picked, pressed and dried by hand, your wedding invitations will really come alive.

3. Dual Sided Wedding Invitations

When it comes to your wedding invitations, you want recipients to see style and grace from every angle.  The best way to ensure that happens is by selecting an innovative dual-sided design, literally wrapping your special wedding invitation details in unmatched style.

2. A Return to the Classics

It’s true that the rules of tradition no longer apply to every bride, and the past few years have seen a surge of unconventional styles, colors, and designs.  While many brides will continue to “push the envelope” with these unique styles in 2009, we will also see a return to the classics.

Elegant white and ecru wedding invitations in sleek, timeless styles will be seen for casual and formal affairs alike.  Classic wedding invitations with traditional lettering are a welcome reminder of what weddings used to be.  If jarring colors and cheeky designs are not for you, you’ll be happy to find a new collection of timelessly elegant styles to suit your classic taste.

1. Pushing the Envelope

A great way to add maximum impact without a lot of fuss is to pay attention to your wedding invitation envelopes.  Many of the already-alluring wedding invitations in Vera Wang’s invitations collection come with lovely, edgy, coordinating envelope lining to add flourish to your wedding invitations at no extra charge!  Vera Wang Wedding Invitations with lined envelopes offer gorgeous, innovative designs with coordinating envelopes for the ultimate in chic wedding invitation ensembles.  This fashion-forward concept is truly the best accessory for wedding invitations!

It’s also easier than ever to choose a high-impact invitation envelope color (from bright green to metallic bronze or anything in between) to complement your wedding invitations.  Another interesting envelope option is to have your return address thermography printed on your custom envelopes in the typestyle and color of your choice for a cohesive, expensive feel, without the matching price tag.

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