The Wedding Invitation Monogram: Making It Your Own

When it comes to modern wedding invitations, customization is key. Gone is the day of the cookie-cutter wedding invitation. Even traditional brides, who wish to stick to classic, timeless styles, are finding fun and unique ways to put their own personal finishing touch on their invitations. Whether you are the type of bride who wants every element of your wedding to represent something about yourself, or you are simply interested in finding one fantastic flourish, personalization provides the perfect opportunity to make your wedding invitations your own. Here are just a few of the many ways you can leave your mark…literally.

The Monogram Phenomenon

Monograms have become an increasingly popular and stylish part of our everyday lives. From bath towels to coffee mugs to stationery, modern women and men are turning to monograms for a unique and fun way to personalize and individualize the items they cherish.

By definition, monogramming is simply the process of marking an item with an individual’s, couple’s, or company’s initials in a stylish way. While a personal monogram serves the practical purpose of identifying the owner, it also allows the owner to send a bold statement about his or her personal style.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, monograms are particularly special, because they allow you to celebrate the combination of your fiancé’s initials or name with your own. Together, you can select a font, color, and monogram style that sends a message about who you are as a couple. By carrying your wedding invitation monogram through to your thank you notes, wedding stationery, and even wedding favors and cocktail napkins, a custom monogram can help you create a cohesive and creative wedding style.

The Name Game

Following the traditional rules of etiquette, when creating your monogram as a couple, you’ll place the first initial of your new last name (the one you share), in the middle. The woman’s first initial is listed first (to the left) and the husband’s listed second (to the right).

For Example:

The monogram for Jane and Kevin Dylan would be: JDK

For couples that will be keeping (or hyphenating) their names, there really are no rules so the best rule is to follow what you think looks best. A simple option is to use each initial from the two first names. Another option is to include the first and last initials of each person to make a 4-lettered monogram.

For Example:

J+K (for Jane and Kevin)

JS.KD (for Jane Smith and Kevin Dylan)

Another modern interpretation of the monogram motif is to use the first names of the bride and groom, or simply the one last name that they will share.

For Example:

Jane + Kevin



Fun with Fonts

Did you know that the typestyle you select actually says a lot about you? Because of this, you’ll want to choose a typestyle that appeals to your style sensibilities. Also, because you are choosing a font to represent the day of your marriage, you should both have a say. Leaved the girly curly script for the bridal shower! (unless, of course, your fiancé enjoys that type of feminine flair). The font should also reflect the mood and style of your event. Some elegant types will send the wrong message for an informal backyard affair. Likewise, an elegant function calls for more than a funky, casual font. Bickley script and Allegro are popular picks, especially for formal events. Garamond is a traditional, bold, can’t-miss font. Courier is quickly becoming the “new classic” for modern and casual affairs alike.

Custom Color

Just as important as the style and font you choose will be the colors you select for your monogram or wedding “mark.” Of course, this will depend on your wedding theme and palette (if you’ve already decided on those elements you should o your best to stick with them!) There are some timeless colors that truly go with any color combination. Basic black will serve you well long after you walk down the aisle. Crisp white looks so fresh against a bold background. Metallic colors like gold and silver add a subtle to sparkle to everything they adorn, from invitations to party favors and everything in between.

Inspiration for color combinations

Put it on paper

Now that you have the perfect wedding “mark” in mind, it’s time to put it on paper…literally!

Customize ‘till your heart’s content

The appeal of a monogrammed or personalized wedding invitation grows even more appealing when you consider the ways you can carry that motif throughout every element of your wedding day and beyond. By creating that signature “stamp,” you can create a completely cohesive style. Here are just a few of the places you can leave your mark:

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