5 Tips for Wedding Invitations Savings During Tough Economic Times

It may not be the most romantic topic of conversation, but it tops the list of concerns for most brides. It’s the wedding budget. When money is tight and it’s tough to make ends meet, it’s hard to find ways to include a little luxury in our lives. For most Americans, the rising costs of living, soaring gas prices, and other strains have most of us scaling back on any non-necessities and cutting out indulgences altogether. In fact, everything seems to be more expensive and out of reach these days. But, how do you go about planning your wedding, your most special day, during these tough economic times? Do not put your dreams on hold or settle for a sub-par celebration. It is possible to stick to your budget, without sacrificing an ounce of style. You just need to implement a little creativity and a little planning…and you need to know where to look. Here, we offer statistics, information, and insights that will hopefully help you create the wedding day of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

5. Don’t Settle for Unstylish

Believe us, budget invitations do not necessarily equate to boring. Sophisticated, stylish, and sensible options do exist. Many less expensive wedding invitation options disregard the extra frills and embellishments, which will appeal to your classic, more clean-lined tastes. And, if you are really dedicated to saving some cash, there’s no reason not to “DIY”! For you fun, fearless, and frugal brides, here are a few tips for creating budget invitations that are more “frill” than “frump.”

  • For an elegant look, go for a simple, streamlined style in white or ecru. It’s a classic style that will exude timeless sophistication, even at a price that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A single panel invitation is the perfect backdrop on which to showcase your sleek, chic, wedding invitations.
  • Another innovative concept is to go for bright, unexpected bursts of color on one or two boldly shaped sheets. Layering for contrast is a great way to get added interest without paying for embellishments or for more complicated styles. Talk about a bang for your buck! Browse MyGatbsy cardstock colors.

4. Shop Around

Don’t think you have to pay full price for perfection. Don’t diss the sales! Effective shoppers never forget that the clearance, sale, and discontinued sections don’t necessarily mean “ugly.” Particularly if you are having a smaller event, you can often find beautiful invitations in styles that printers have simply discontinued. If you play your cards right, you’ll find the perfect quantity at the perfect price, at a time when vendors need to get rid of extra product. Their loss is your gain!

Think of how often styles come and go. If you aren’t a total slave to the latest fashion craze, you’ll surely find classic styles at more consistent prices. The trick is to not look just once and walk away. The key is to be a good bargain hunter…come back often and search for hidden secrets. Also, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to ask about special pricing or discounts on bulk orders. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and the worst they’ll say is “no!”

Check the MyGatsby clearance section often for quality wedding invitations at prices up to 75% off! With these deals available, you can’t afford NOT to browse!

3. Pay Attention to Postage

When it comes to mailing your wedding invitations, shape, size, and weight will matter. If you select wedding invitations that include extra enclosures, or ones that have added embellishments like bows, clasps, or buttons, you’ll likely need to pay an additional postage fee. The US Post Office calculates shipping based on more than weight alone, so it’s important to consider the following facts before ordering oddly-shaped or overly-embellished invitations:

According to the US Post Office, you’ll incur an additional $0.13 surcharge on envelopes if any of the following apply:

  • It is a square envelope
  • It contains very rigid items like wood or metal
  • It has clasps, strings, or buttons
  • It contains items that create an uneven surface

The US Post Office website offers many other helpful resources for calculating your wedding invitations shipping costs. But the surest best and our strong advice is to compile one complete invitation and carry it to your local post office to be hand-weighed.

2. A Sweet Package Deal

Like we mentioned above, you can definitely go the a la carte route, picking and choosing which invitation elements you truly want and need. On the other hand, you may decide that an all-inclusive, sure-to-please wedding invitation package is the way to go. When you take the stress out of ordering your wedding invitations, you just may save time and energy you can put into finding creative solutions elsewhere.

MyGatsby is proud to offer MyGatsby Exclusive Invitations: no stressful selection process, no complicated assembly instructions. Just beautiful, sophisticated wedding invitations…simplified. This collection offers a simple, straightforward solution for ordering high-quality wedding invitations…quickly and at a competitive price. We realize that value and simplicity are high on your wedding invitation wish list, and these wedding invitations are built to satisfy your needs without sacrificing a single ounce of style. Choose from our hottest color combinations and our most popular invitation styles in a comprehensive, easy-to-order wedding invitation ensemble. This complete package includes the invitation, backing layer, RSVP card with envelope, outer seal, outer envelope and assembly…currently available in 63 stylish design options, all at one very special price.

1. Remember You Aren’t Alone

As you browse, search, research, and maybe even DIY, you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. You should feel good that you’ve done your best to “keep it real” and not break the bank before your marriage even begins! For a little extra saving incentive, we’d like to offer some spending statistics courtesy of the wedding report.com. Understanding what people are spending and will spend (on average across the Nation now and into the future) may help you feel that you are definitely not alone in your search for money-saving solutions. Remember that while these are averages, these numbers vary greatly depending on the size of your event and your geographical location.

Average Spending on Total Wedding Costs

Year Average Spending
2007 $28,732
2008 $28,704
2009 $29,614

Average Spending on Bridal Shower Invitations

Year Average Spending
2007 $87
2008 $89
2009 $92

Average Spending on Invitations & Reply Cards

Year Average Spending
2007 $428
2008 $431
2009 $443

Average Spending on Personal Stationery

Year Average Spending
2007 $115
2008 $118
2009 $121

Average Spending on Save The Date Cards

Year Average Spending
2007 $165
2008 $156
2009 $160

Average Spending on Thank You Cards

Year Average Spending
2007 $72
2008 $74
2009 $76

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