Wedding Invitations Etiquette

When it comes to wedding invitations, many brides aspire to follow the “rules” of traditional etiquette…customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. At the same time, some modern brides find themselves looking for wedding invitations that allow them to express their own unique style in their own unique way.

There’s a wide variety of wedding invitation options available to you, no matter your style or level of desire to adhere to tradition. To help you find your own personal approach, avoid “Must Do” lists and begin with this “Must Consider” list to help you decide what’s right for you:

Things to consider before starting your wedding invitations search:

  • What type of event will you be having? (Black tie formal or barefoot on the beach?)
  • Do you favor elaborate or simple designs?
  • Do you want to include additional enclosures? Learn more about your options
  • Have you decided on the color scheme for your wedding?
  • Have you picked your flowers?
  • Do you want to order additional stationery items? Learn more about your options
  • What is your budget?

Still not quite sure what you’re looking for? We have some tips on creative concepts to consider.

Now you’re armed with the information to help you streamline your search for the perfect wedding invitation. As you begin, keep in mind that the basic purpose of any invitation is simple: you want to get your guests to your special event at the right place and the right time. Everything else is the fabulous icing on the cake!

Ready to start your search? Browse wedding invitations to see what inspires you! Save anything that catches your eye to your My Own Gatsby folder. Once you‘re done browsing, review the pricing and customization options for the handful of invitations that have appealed to you so far.

* Please note that not all invitations are available for printing. You will need to read each individual product description carefully to determine whether the invitation you have selected is available as blank stock or with printing options.

As you browse wedding invitations, think about the other items you will need to make your day special and memorable. Here are some items you will want to consider ordering along with your wedding invitations:

Save the Date Cards
Thank You Cards
At-Home Cards
Pew Cards
Place Cards

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