Wedding Invitation Styles

As you’ve probably noticed while looking for your invitations there are several different kinds to choose from. We know this is a lot to take in, so in an effort to make things easier, we decided to offer the following explanations of each of the popular styles of wedding invitations we carry.

Single Panel Card – This is a simple, unfolded one-sided card. It is simpler and usually less expensive than some of the other choices.

Overlay Invitation – This is usually a single panel invitation that has a vellum overlay. These wedding invitations can be printed two different ways. The first is the text is printed on the vellum and then attached to a card. The second is the text is printed on the card and the vellum is laid over the top. In the second printing option the vellum can be printed with a picture or emblem.

Tri-Fold Invitation – Despite what the name suggests, these wedding invitations don’t actually have three folds. They only have two folds, creating three different panels for printing.

Bi-Fold Invitation – Again, the name is a little deceptive. This wedding invitation style only has one fold, like most greeting cards. The invitation wording is typically printed on the outside, but you can have it printed on the inside and then decorate the outside with a design or preprinted verse.

Folio Pocket Invitation – This is basically a folder with a single panel invitation on one side and pockets on the other side. The pockets are for your enclosures. It usually has 1-3 pockets and can be horizontal or vertical.

Jacket Invitation – Your single panel invitation and all your enclosures go into a single jacket type folder.

Circle and Oval Panel Invitation – The wedding invitation and enclosures are either circle or oval. These can be either a single panel or they can be layered.

Matchbook Invitation – Your wedding invitation is a single panel card which is laid inside a jacket. The jacket is then folded around the invitation like a matchbook.

Diagonal Fold Invitation – This wedding invitation actually folds into a square with a diagonal flap on the outside that is printed with your names.

Vellum Wrap Invitation – Just as the name suggests these are wedding invitations that come with a wrap made of vellum paper. Usually they are tied with a ribbon or raffia.

Layered Invitation – Available in two layers or three, these wedding invitations include a single panel with your wording and then a colored backing layer. They are glued together so there is a colored border around your invitation.

Envelopment Invitation – Your wedding invitation wording is printed on a single card and then placed onto a piece of stock with four flaps. The flaps are folded around the invitation much like an envelope.

Dual Sided Invitation – This is a single panel wedding invitation with a design on both sides.

Shimmer Invitation – This wedding invitation style is a single panel made of metallic card stock.

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