Wedding Announcements versus Wedding Invitations

Many couples have small, intimate ceremonies which can’t accommodate large guest lists, but the bride and groom will still want to announce their marriage to their loved ones. Another great use for announcements is when you want to make professional colleagues, casual acquaintances, or extended family members who were not invited to the wedding aware that your name has changed. In these cases, an announcement should be sent in lieu of an invitation.

Looking for a wedding announcement? Browse MyGatsby wedding and engagement announcements. You can actually also choose to use any type of wedding invitation but will want to use specific wording to transform it into an announcement.

Don’t worry about people mistaking your wedding announcement for an invitation to your wedding. You will wait to send the announcements until the day of the actual wedding or the day after. You will also use specific wording to make the announcement clear.

Here is one suggestion for wording your announcements if your parents hosted the wedding:

Mr. and Mr. Bruce Thompson
have the honour of announcing
the marriage of their daughter
Sarah Michelle
Mr. Michael Dean Slater
on Friday, the fifteenth of December
Two thousand and seven
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Bellingham, Washington

If you and your groom want to announce your marriage yourselves, you might say something like this:

Sarah Michelle Thompson
Michael Dean Slater
happily announce their marriage
Friday, the fifteenth of December

See the Word Wizard for more announcement wording options

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