Traditional Wedding Invitations: Etiquette

If your goal is to maintain tradition and a level of etiquette that would make Emily Post proud, here is the guide for you. But remember, if you choose to do something (or everything) different, that’s OK too! Relax, get creative, and go with what feels appropriate for you and your wedding.

The most traditional type of wedding invitation is engraved on heavy ecru paper with a tissue layover. An inner envelope is set inside an outer envelope. offers plenty of classic and elegant options for brides looking for traditional simplicity,

A traditional wedding invitation will include the following in each mailing:

The combination above is the most traditional and basic version of the wedding invitation. You should feel free to include as many additional touches as you wish. Some increasingly popular ideas include:

There are many additional printed-paper products to consider when following traditional wedding invitation etiquette. Using the same printer for all products ensures you get consistent products and service. Additional items to consider include thank you cards, programs, place cards, seating cards and more.

Arranging Wedding Invitations and Enclosures

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